Gourmet Cheese Platter




An assortment of gourmet cheeses, crackers and fruit.

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta..$9.95


Toasted baguette with goat cheese, diced red onion, tomato and capers; topped with smoked salmon and drizzled with truffle olive oil.

Tomato Capresse.....$9.95


Layered mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato and basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar glaze.

Herb Butter & Baguette...$4.95


Warmed baguette served with herb butter spread.

Drunken Goat.........$5.95


Goat cheese spread topped with apricot preserve and served with assortment of crackers or warmed baguette.

Artichoke Antipasto...$5.95


Diced artichokes with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and parsley served with crackers or warmed baguette.

Olive Tapenade.....$6.95


Diced Mediterranean olives, garlic and olive oil served with warmed baguette or an assortment of crackers.


Thursday: Noon to 6pm

     Friday: Noon to 6pm

 Saturday: Noon to 6pm

   Sunday: Noon to 6pm

Monday - Wednesday

by appointment or call ahead for curbside pickup


Unfortunately, the new order affecting bars includes wineries and we are being forced to close our Tasting Room. Again.

Please call for local delivery options and curbside pickup.

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